Thrombin-based discovery strategy of bioactive-chemical quality marker combination for pollen of Typha orientalis by metabolomics coupled with chemometrics

Journal name:Phytomedicine
DOI 10.1016/j.phymed.2020.153246
Article info:
Published date:14 May 2020

It is of utmost significance to choose the bioactive components as quality markers for ensuring the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine. Nonetheless, some markers are able to assess effectively the quality of TCM without considering the pharmacological mechanisms and intrinsic chemical complexities.
This underscores the need to discover new and efficient markers which can assess both quality and mechanism of action. Herein, a strategy of bioactive-chemical quality markers combination was proposed to improve the level of the quality control of TCM by metabolomics coupled with chemometrics.

Reference standards of typhaneosidekaempferol-3-O-neohesperidosidecitric acidlinolenic acidkaempferol-3-O-neohesperidosideastragalinnaringeninpuerarin, and succinic acid with 98% purity on the basis of HPLC analysis were supplied by Chengdu Desite Biological Technology Co. Ltd. (Sichuan, China)

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