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Model: CAS NO:219944-39-5
Molecular formula: C55H86O24Molecular weight: 1,131.26purity: HPLC≥98%Specification: 10mg/pieceProduct serial number: DQ0083 Appearance: powder Boiling point: 1148.1±65.0 °C Uses: used for content determination/identification/pharmacological experiments, etc. Identification ..
Model: CAS:305-01-1
Molecular formula: C9H6O4 Molecular weight: 178.14purity: HPLC≥98%Specification: 20mg/pieceProduct serial number: DQ0050Appearance: white or light yellow needle-like crystalsExtraction source: Aesculushippocastanumlinn barkSolubility: soluble in ethanol and dilute ..
Model: CAS NO:83-44-3
Molecular formula:C24H40O4Molecular weight:392.57purity:HPLC≥98%Specification:20mg/pieceProduct serial number: DQ0014Appearance: white powder crystalExtraction source: a kind of cholanic acid extracted from pig bileSolubility: slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether, trio..
Model: CAS:26339-90-2
Molecular formula: C55H86O24Molecular weight: 1,131.26purity: HPLC≥97%Specification:10mg/pieceProduct serial number: DQ0082Appearance: powderBoiling point: 1140.6±65.0 °CUses: used for content determination/identification/pharmacological experiments, etc.Identification ..
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