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Rehmannioside D/CAS;81720-08-3

Rehmannioside D/CAS;81720-08-3
Rehmannioside D/CAS;81720-08-3

English name:Rehmannioside D

CAS NO:81720-08-3

Molecular formula:C27H42O20

Molecular weight:686.613



Product serial number: DD0107

Appearance: white powder

Extraction source: supplementing

Solubility: replenishing

Melting point: supplementing

Boiling point: 1052.4±65.0 °C

Uses: used for content determination/identification/pharmacological experiments, etc.

Identification method: HPLC.NMR.MS

Recommended measurement method: in addition

Chinese Pharmacopoeia Determination Method: Supplementing

Pharmacological effects: supplementing

Storage conditions: 4℃ refrigerated, sealed and protected from light

Validity period: 2 years

Note: The product is only used for scientific research experiments, not for human injection, food or other purposes. Prepare it for immediate use, do not put all the products into a solution and store them in the refrigerator for successive use, so as not to degrade the purity of the product and affect the experimental results.

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